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Meta launches Twitter/X Threads competitor in the Netherlands and Belgium – IT Pro – News

Meta has made its social media platform Threads available in Europe. The Twitter/X alternative has been available in other parts of the world for six months, but has not been released in the EU due to stricter European laws surrounding online platforms.

Unlike other countries, it is intended for users in the European Union It is also possible To visit topics without creating or linking an account. The company is doing this in order to comply with European laws, as a Wall Street Journal report previously showed. An Instagram account is required to post or otherwise interact. Users without an account will also not be able to see personalized recommendations.

At the time of writing, it appears that only the web version of Threads is still available; iOS and Android apps cannot yet be downloaded from the respective app stores for EU users. It is not clear when this will be the case.

Threads was released in July in the United States, among other countries, as a competitor to X, Twitter’s predecessor. The platform reached thirty million users on its first day. Within five days, the platform had reached one hundred million users, although visitor numbers have declined somewhat since then. Tweakers has written a back story for Threads.

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