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Meteor Lake - Laptops get innovative Intel processors

Meteor Lake – Laptops get innovative Intel processors

Unfortunately, we’ll skip this generation on the desktop, but laptops with Intel’s new Meteor Lake processors are now in stores. Intel is making big strides in many areas with these chips. We already saw this back in September in the Meteor Lake preview, but now we have more details and Intel is also releasing information about the performance we can expect from these processors.

Compared to the previous generation, Meteor Lake is very innovative. This starts with packaging; These CPUs are no longer a large monolithic chip, but a small chip design, similar to how AMD builds its CPUs today. However, these microchips at Intel are much more advanced, larger in number, and more diverse.

For the smaller chipsets that hold CPU cores, Intel has also switched to an entirely new process: Intel 4. And we don’t dare say it, but that’s almost perfect two years after Intel 7 was introduced at Alder Lake, exactly according to the old tag -map Tok Road. There are many things to say about this, such as the fact that Intel 7 has been used for “10nm” laptop processors for some time in a slightly different form, but still: Intel seems to be on the right track at the moment with an ambitious plan. “Five decades in four years.” Also moving to the full Arc architecture for integrated graphics and adding npu There are big changes to AI applications compared to the previous generation.

But what wasn’t discussed much in the presentations we attended prior to this release was the performance of the CPU cores themselves. Now that we also have benchmarks and specifications for all the models available to us, we can say more about this and it becomes clearer why Intel does not also release these processors for desktop computers.

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