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Peet's new single - "Motel 8" (feat. Artÿ)

Peet’s new single – “Motel 8” (feat. Artÿ)

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We’ve just recovered from Peet’s amazing show at Ancienne Belgique, when the man returns with new music. Looks like we’re headed towards a new album from the Brussels rapper with Todo Bien Express. Bursts of creativity then The album of the same name It doesn’t look like it’s going to stop yet, because we also heard “Isaiah” in our ear canal in the lead up to the sold-out show at AB. We make a quick motel stop along the way, because with the latest release “Motel 8” we stay in a quieter setting for a while.

“Motel 8” begins with a funky beat that continues throughout the song. We’ve known for some time that chopping bars aren’t meant for Pete and here we’re presented with an almost entirely sung song. He was joined on this occasion by Parisian singer Artie, who performs the song with an exciting voice. Overall, “Motel 8” is a danceable song with enough lo-fi beats to keep you floating for a while. Take your convertible back to the hotel and put the newest Peet’s car into high gear for a fun dance party in the room before we leave on our tour again.

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