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Michael Keaton: "This Is Why I Don't Be Back in Batman Forever"

Michael Keaton: “This Is Why I Don’t Be Back in Batman Forever”

Michael Keaton Returns as Batman in the lightAfter appearing twice as a lovable superhero in the past. The actor played the lead role in the director’s duo Tim Burton, Call Batman in a Batman Returns. Now Keaton reveals why he hasn’t returned for another adventure.

Keaton could and should have played the Dark Knight again in batman forever from the director Joel Schumacher, But the two stars did not agree on what should happen.

For example, Keaton says his priority has always been to play Bruce Wayne and not so much as Batman: “Everyone talks about Batman all the time, but I’ve always said, ‘You’re wrong. It’s all about Bruce Wayne and the question, “What kind of person can become a superhero like Batman?”

Keaton goes on to say that he and Schumacher weren’t on the same page when it came to getting close to the character. The director also wanted it to go in a slightly more cool direction, but Keaton didn’t like it.

I tried several times to convince Joel Schumacher to change his mind, but he stuck to his positionContinue to Keaton.He asked me why I wanted the story to be so dark and gloomy, and I said to her, “Wait a minute, do you even know how Bruce Wayne became Batman? Have you read the comics? It’s actually very simple…“. Recently Val Kilmer So pass the stick.