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Stuff Coppins cries in a New Year's letter from son Bo and daughter Nora

Stuff Coppins cries in a New Year’s letter from son Bo and daughter Nora


Staf Coppens and his family have built a nice new life in Sweden, but everything could be better. So, Stuff, his wife, Monique, and their two children, Nora and Beau, sat around the table on New Year’s Eve to exchange goodwill with each other. “Family will forever be the most important thing,” Papa Coppins promises.

Joe de Roek

Sometimes a New Year’s message says it all. Po is reading tonight in a special New Year’s show Camping Coppins His letter to Papa Staff and immediately summarizes their life in Sweden in a few lines. “Our second New Year in Sweden; how time passes, we have already been through so much; where to start so many adventures; this can certainly continue for years to come,” the boy begins. Then he remembers farewell to Belgium, getting used to the new school, wonderful summers with family and friends at camp and magical winters. Beau and Nora are already very happy in their new home, but Staf and Monique also look back in relief at the past months in which they realized their big dream, opening a camping site.

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New Year’s also involves goodwill and literally throwing Coppins on the table tonight. Family members hand over assignments for 2022 on the basis of cards. In no time at all, Staf has captured two things: being less luxurious and putting family first. Monique also knows where to stand in the new year: you should try to be less chaotic and speak Swedish a lot.

The special immediately connects all of these intentions with a glimpse into their frantic Swedish adventure. This creates a whirlpool of memories and emotions that Staf becomes so powerful after reading. As he dried his tears, his daughter Nora said gently, “Dad, are you crying again,” and Poe adds, “It can’t be right…”

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Mama Monique watches while Nora and Beau read her New Year's letter.

Mama Monique watches while Nora and Beau read her New Year’s letter. © vtm

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