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Michelle Wittes looked at Pogacar with wide eyes: “It reminds me of the greatest.” |  Journey

Michelle Wittes looked at Pogacar with wide eyes: “It reminds me of the greatest.” | Journey

Is the round already in the fold crucial? Tadej Pogacar immediately sold all competitors a hard blow in the first trial. Our commentator Michele Wittes looked on in bewilderment at the Slovenian’s performance, but hopes his opponents will react quickly. “Ineos and Jumbo Visma can be a natural ally.”

According to Michelle Wittes, it’s still too early to say the Tour is in a definite fold. “The tour has just started, and we haven’t even seen an actual mountain yet,” Wuyts says.

“It’s very clear how individual descent is. Pogacar is currently outpacing it. In front of his real rivals for the ultimate victory, he’s a minute and a half ahead here.”

“Even if men like Roglic, Carabaz, or Vinggaard Pogacar succeed in harassing. And even at the end of the story, like Damocles’ sword, there is still a time trial hanging over these men’s heads.”

The symbolic significance of this victory is enormous

Michelle Waits

“The symbolic significance of this victory is enormous. It reminds me of the greatest in Tour history, which has proven its added value both on the mountain stages and in the time trials. Most of them didn’t expect it.”

According to Waits, Jumbo-Visma may have another pawn in addition to the Roglic. “We must hope that Roglic doesn’t waste any more time in the Alps. If they also get Vingegaard over the Alps at Jumbo-Visma, they’ll have a change leader.”

“Let’s also hope that INEOS will continue to attack. Perhaps they can form a natural ally with Jumbo-Visma and attack the UAE front together.”

“The speed with which the Pogacar recovers is amazing”

The odds are steady, but Wuyts questions the strength of the Pogacar team. Are they strong enough to hold things together on the roof and do the same in the mountains?

But last year, Pogacar also plotted his own plan against Jumbo-Visma. “They will have to fight him from different angles. Preferably as quickly as possible in the Alps.”

“The speed with which Pojácar recovers is amazing. The attackers could face a Slovenian counterattack.”

Wuyts hopes that from now on we’ll have an open tour. “Although this won’t be obvious, both Jumbo-Visma and INEOS have already been destroyed. Can you actually expect them to attack?”

It is an invitation to others to make life very difficult for him

Michelle Waits

“Pogacar has already reached out half his hand for the second straight win of the Tour. At the same time, it’s a call to everyone to make life very difficult for him.”

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