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Windows 10X Emulator

Microsoft discontinued development of Windows 10X

Windows 10x emulator

Windows 10x doesn’t seem to fit right away. The launch has already been postponed and the project appears to be stalled now.

Microsoft is no longer working on its Chrome OS counterpart. Windows 10X was first introduced to the world in 2019 alongside Surface Neo. Thus the tech giant showed the future of the company and the innovation it was working on. 10X had to guarantee the company a mobile future but after two years we haven’t seen a finished product. It now also appears that Microsoft has discontinued development of Windows 10X. It still remains unclear if this is permanent.

10x windows

Let’s go back to February of last year. The tech giant is showing an almost complete preview of Windows 10X for the first time since its launch. The mobile operating system was greeted with great enthusiasm, but then was calm. In April of last year, Microsoft announced that the official launch of its much-anticipated Surface Neo device (with 10X) had been postponed. “It won’t be until 2020 anymore.” Not too long ago, news has surfaced that Microsoft might release its 10x version for regular laptops first and then only for devices with two screens.

The latest news about Windows 10X takes us to October 2020. The company then wrote that the program wouldn’t officially see the light of day until mid-2021, but whether that will happen at all now seems extremely unlikely.

New layout

Does it have anything to do with the new layout of Windows 10? The tech giant has been creating a visual creation of its operating system for months. Icons are being modified, new menus added, and the Sun Valley update is also very novel. Microsoft may prefer to put its energy into this project or it intends to supply parts of 10x for laptops first and then finish them for Surface Neo, for example.

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In any case, you don’t have to wait for that, unless the company surprises us Building event at the end of May.