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Russia makes the first movie in space and overtakes the United States (and Tom Cruise)

Russia makes the first movie in space and overtakes the United States (and Tom Cruise)

It is not yet known exactly what the movie will be like. There is already a suitable business address: Vesuvius, In other words a challenge. It is the first feature film to be shot in space. Space movie plans have been circulating since last year, on both the US and Russian sides.

For the American movie, which is supposed to cost $ 200 million, actor Tom Cruise has been appointed as the lead actor. Elon Musk can take the film crew to the International Space Station with his space company, SpaceX. The Russians soon followed their own plans for a space movie, and are now the first to present it.

The participants in the film project were selected through a competition. As for the heroine, Russians can send reports to Roskosmos and the first channel of Russian state television. Acting experience was not a requirement, but the actress had to be in good physical shape. The lead role will be played by Julia Peresild. The director will be Klim Sibenko. Both Peresild and Sjipenko are well-known names in the world of Russian cinema.

Russian actress Yulia Peresild is thrilled to hear that she can play the lead role in the first full-length movie to be shot in space.AFP photo

They will leave on October 5 aboard the Soyuz MS-19 spaceship for the International Space Station, along with the rest of the crew. In the coming months they will be ready for their adventure beyond the atmosphere. They will start no later than June 1, and the training sessions will be broadcast on television. Soon after the Soyuz cruise, Cruise cum suis was also planned.

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Ernst Konstantin, director of Channel One, expressed his hope to the Russian news agency TASS that the film would renew the love of astronauts. In the Soviet Union, astronauts, as the Russians call space explorers, had the status of a hero. For example, Yuri Gagarin and Valentina Tereshkova are, respectively, the first man (1961) and a woman (1963) in space.

Commercial airline sign

It is not a purely nostalgic endeavor. In a previous advertisement for the film, it was already confirmed that it would also be a commercial space travel offering: “A clear sign that space travel is no longer just for professionals, but also for a growing group of people who want to travel in space,” writes Tass.

Roscosmos also announced on Wednesday such a space tourist. In December, they will bring Japanese billionaire Tosako Maezawa to the International Space Station. Maezawa will be filming and sharing his journey on his YouTube channel. Roskosmos is organizing the flight with space tourism company Space Adventures, which previously brought seven others to the International Space Station with the Russians. A return ticket costs at least $ 20 million and months of intense training. Elon Musk is also constantly making plans for commercial space flights with SpaceX.

a challenge Not the first movie to have been largely made in space. In 2008, some of the International Space Station crew members filmed an eight-minute short film at their leisure. The height of fear, With many nods to the science fiction genre.