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Microsoft launches Windows 11 IoT Enterprise LTSC 2024 – Computer – News

Microsoft has released a new LTS version of Windows 11 IoT Enterprise that can be installed on more devices. The number of packages that can be removed increases, making the system more attractive for smaller devices.

the new Windows 11 IoT Enterprise he Long range service channelThe version comes out every three years and is supported for ten years. The new IoT operating system should resemble the user interface of regular Windows 11, including the taskbar menu and tabs in Explorer. Microsoft has also built more accessibility features into the operating system, such as system-wide translation and voice support.

Microsoft says it has changed the hardware requirements. the New minimum system requirements The device must have 2 GB of memory. The TPM is optional, but Microsoft says it’s best to have one anyway. By lowering the system requirements, Microsoft says the operating system will be usable on many devices.

Other changes include the ability to run x86 applications if the operating system is running on a device with an Arm processor. It will also be possible for other devices to connect wirelessly to Windows 11 IoT devices. Microsoft has also modified several security features. For example, there will be a separate application, Windows Security, where administrators can manage virus scanners and firewalls.

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