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Microsoft looks to release Xbox Series X 'Server Blades' for cloud gaming

Microsoft looks to release Xbox Series X ‘Server Blades’ for cloud gaming

Without any official announcement, it appears that Microsoft is rolling out the Xbox Series X server code to the Xbox Cloud game streaming service. This means that Microsoft will offer cloud-quality gaming based on the Xbox Series X.

Microsoft appears to be upgrading its existing Xbox One S servers, which launched with Xbox Cloud Gaming in September, to the company’s newest and most powerful console, the Xbox Series X. Several end users have recently reported noticing a difference.

The screenshot above is a shot of Rainbow Six Siege on the Xbox cloud gaming service, apparently using Xbox Series X server codes. The story here is that the “Resolution Priority” graphics mode states that the mode “will run the game at 120 frames per second, lowering the resolution if necessary.”

Rainbox Six Siege can run at 120fps on the Xbox Series X, but that’s not possible on the One S, leading many Twitter users to believe that Microsoft is now rolling out Xbox Series X server code.

Klobrille says the game looks great on the Xbox Series X cloud gaming server code, a sentiment many other gamers are echoing on Twitter today. Twitter user sivar He said that after logging out and back in Black Desert, “the game suddenly loaded and performed 10 times better.”

Another Twitter user, T3CHFXThe same could be said of the Yakuza, he said: Like a dragon.

By upgrading from Xbox One S server blades to Xbox Series X server blades, Xbox Cloud Gaming users will get better resolution, performance, and graphics options over the Xbox One S game versions.

A Microsoft spokesperson wouldn’t confirm anything officially, telling IGN: “We’re constantly testing new features and making improvements to create a better Xbox Cloud gaming experience. We’ll have more to share about upcoming upgrades soon. We’re implementing them in our Microsoft data centers.”

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