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Google Maps Go navigates over 500 million downloads

The lightweight Google Maps Go client for Android Go now has over 500 million downloads Play Store.

Android Go is an attempt to provide emerging markets with a mobile operating system designed specifically or at least suitable for modest smartphone devices. Apps like Google Maps Go offer a smaller experience without the need to download a large app.

Since the app is smaller in size, you won’t need a lot of system resources or system resources, or even a strong network connection in order to function effectively. Google Maps Go can be used on any device if you want to try it out for yourself.

In fact, Maps Go is a progressive web app, so it just launches an instance of a Chrome browser window. With this in mind, the experience may seem quite simple compared to the Google Maps you are probably familiar with. This also means that Google Chrome is required to use it.

Google claims Maps Go is up to 100 times smaller than a full-fat Android app. As we noted, the PWA approach means that it should work best if you have a limited device or an unreliable network connection.

To further reduce the file size of the application, navigation is not available and separate navigation is required for the Google Maps Go add-on to download it. For those with an Android Go device, both apps are pre-installed. If the 500 million download number is a statistic, there are plenty of devices out there in the wild.

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