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Microsoft makes Windows 11 24H2 update available as a Release Preview – Computer – News

That was my experience before switching completely to Linux/Fedora. It’s basically an ongoing problem with AMD socks, although this is now improving somewhat. But the W11 was mainly built with Intel, which is also reflected in other benchmarks and reviews.

With all those suggestions in the start menu or sudden random apps, you’re done quickly. It’s nice that you have apps for that, but it’s not very nice, especially if an update can restore it. And then I still have to put all the lines in the hosts file or blocker, since MS likes to collect a lot of data.

I also found the constant nudging of Edge to be quite annoying. Now they have built this as a driver. Okay, I get it for malware, but it’s very annoying if you really want to use Chrome or Firefox.

But worst of all… the user interface. There’s often (justified) criticism of Linux in this section, but even they have the same menus everywhere in GTK/Qt. With Windows 11, one is round again, one is Windows 10-style, and some still have screens from the Windows XP era.

For a multi-million dollar company like MS, I don’t get it. Apple does it right, right? If not, you will have to update your app.

It’s nice that Windows can now do more, but this has been possible on Linux for years. This power mode is great, but it’s actually quite disappointing, as the OS is starting to feel more solid (that was before this update).

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My job required me to work on Windows for a long time, but fortunately that is no longer necessary.

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