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Mozilla working on vertical tabs and AI tools for Firefox – Computer – News

Mozilla is working on vertical tabs and other new productivity tools for Firefox. The company also has plans to improve performance and is looking into the possibility of integrating artificial intelligence into the web browser in a privacy-friendly way.

The developer has On his website Publish a roadmap of features that will be added throughout the year. Mozilla says it’s prioritizing the most requested features, including vertical tabs. By grouping tabs vertically in the sidebar, users should be able to find them easily by scrolling. In early April, Mozilla released a beta version of Firefox Nightly that provides this functionality.

In addition, there are many other changes to come. Users can switch between profiles such as School, Work and Personal to keep browsing sessions separate with the new profile management system. In terms of customization, it will be possible to choose from different wallpapers for the new tab page. Mozilla also points out that menus and privacy settings should be clearer. Performance improvements are also planned, but details are still not available.

Finally, AI features are being developed that “respect user privacy.” Next quarter, a tool will be added to Firefox to create descriptions for images in PDF files. According to Mozilla, this should be useful for people with visual impairments or learning difficulties. The company confirms that this information is processed and stored locally. It’s not clear if this feature is related to, the startup that Mozilla founded a year ago to work on reliable, open-source artificial intelligence.

Firefox Nightly with vertical tabs
Firefox Nightly with vertical tabs