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Microsoft Makes Xbox Cloud Gaming Compatible With Steam Deck Keyless OS – Games – News

Microsoft has announced that Xbox Cloud Gaming will run on Steam Deck, without the need to install Windows. The tech giant has made the Edge beta available on its compatible deck and offers instructions on how to integrate the service into SteamOS.

at Posted on reddit The Edge team comes up with relatively simple instructions. The browser can be downloaded from the Discover Software Center in SteamOS, after which it is just a matter of adding the browser to Steam, making sure it starts with the correct settings and going to the Xbox Cloud Gaming page by default. There are a total of two console commands included. The deck console layout must also be fully supported in service.

As a result, Edge opens the Xbox service in kiosk mode and everything works as an app within Steam. A YouTube user has already posted a demo about the integration on the site.

Some Microsoft PC Game Pass games are already running on Steam Deck, but not all of them. A notable example is Halo Infinite, which Microsoft says cannot work on SteamOS “due to anti-cheat”. This shortcoming is circumvented by playing in the cloud. While the advantage of the cloud is compatibility, it also offers some latency. Furthermore, the cloud may have the ability to play games at higher frame rates and may put less strain on the deck battery.

This streaming service requires a subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which costs €12.99 per month. Geforce Now and Google Stadia also work in principle on Steam Deck.

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Please note: The instructions in this video are partially outdated. The command “disable read only” turned out to be unnecessary.