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Microsoft: Several Russian cyberattacks intercepted – IT Pro – News

Microsoft says it has blocked multiple hacking attempts from Russia. According to the company, the spies tried to break into Ukrainian and American targets. Some EU bodies have also been said to have been targeted.

In a blog post, Microsoft . writes Strontium, a hacking group linked to the Russian military intelligence GRU, has used seven Internet domains to spy on government agencies and think tanks in Europe and the United States. The company said that some Ukrainian institutions, including media organizations, were attacked through those domains.

Microsoft received a court order on Wednesday to acquire the domains. He’s redirected these domains into a company-managed hole. This allows Strontium to use domains to a limited extent or not at all. Subsequently, Microsoft notified the victims and targets, including the Ukrainian government.

“We believe that Strontium was attempting to gain access to its long-term target systems, provide tactical support for a physical invasion of Ukraine, and search for sensitive information,” Microsoft wrote.

It is not known exactly which organizations and institutions have been affected. Also, Microsoft does not mention which domains were used in Strontium attacks. The American company has been researching strontium since 2016. In its own words, Microsoft has already acquired more than a hundred domains from the group of Russian hackers.

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