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Federal Food Agency loses trust in Ferrero: Factory closed, all Kinder chocolate recalled

Federal Food Agency loses trust in Ferrero: Factory closed, all Kinder chocolate recalled

Ferrero lost permission to carry out activities in the food chain. The plant in Arlon is not allowed to produce, import or export, according to the Federal Chemicals and Financial Markets Authority. The Federal Food Agency lost confidence after bad communication from the chocolate manufacturer.

“Over the past few hours, it has become clear that Ferrero has failed to provide us with certain information. I cannot say exactly what the investigation is about. It is still ongoing. That is why the FASFC has decided to revoke the license of the plant in Arlon to carry out activities in the food chain. This is what Helen Ponty says, Food Safety Agency spokeswoman Favv.

It is not clear how long the plant will have to suspend activities: “It depends on them. Once they can restore confidence and ensure all regulations and rules are followed, production can start again.”

All products in the Kinder Collection have been withdrawn. This applies to Kinder Surprise, Kinder Surprise Maxi, Kinder Mini Eggs, and Schokobons, regardless of lottery number or expiration date. The FASFC requires distribution companies to remove these products from their shelves.

exceptional decision

FASFC’s decision is remarkably strong. Examination of the medical samples of the 26 victims in Belgium is still in full swing. The FASFC continues: “The bacterial DNA in these chair samples must be examined and then compared with samples from the UK and from the Arlon plant, which takes time.” So the decision to close the factory is entirely due to dishonesty.

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Earlier today, it was announced that Ferrero was aware of salmonella problems at its factory in Arlon four months ago. This outbreak was not reported to the FASFC because the contaminated products did not leave the factory. However, things started to deteriorate after several cases of salmonella were reported in Europe in recent weeks. The association with the Arlon factory was confirmed, after which many products were withdrawn.


Ferrero admitted to making a mistake in a statement, the news agency reported Belgium† The chocolatier admits there were “internal flaws” that led to information being shared too late. The company says it “deeply regrets” and apologizes to all customers and partners.

The FASFC calls on consumers to stop consuming their Kinder products and also asks Ferrero to improve its friendship with customers. Customers with questions may contact Ferrero Customer Service at [email protected] or 0800 21042.

Guardianship Minister David Clarenvale (MR) satisfied. Such a decision was not made easily, but the current circumstances make it necessary. Food safety for our citizens should never be neglected.