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Microsoft Store now offers standalone .exe files – Computer – News

Windows users can now download .exe files directly from the Microsoft Store website. The website no longer asks for a link with the installed Microsoft Store app and offers its own standalone exe files.

Rudi Hoen, a Microsoft employee, made the change It was announced in X. Huyn wrote that the Microsoft Store web environment will roll out from now on Not anchored .exe files and no longer displays separate dialog boxes requesting a link to the installed Microsoft Store app.

According to Hoenn, this approach would have some advantages: It would require fewer mouse clicks to download applications via the attached website Installer It will be lighter and faster than the Microsoft Store itself, and the exe file of the program will always be available even if the Microsoft Store application is uninstalled from a Windows machine. Huyn also believes that this approach allows multiple app installations at the same time and that the latest version of the app is always served.

This new way of distributing apps via the Microsoft Store has been tested over the past five months and has also yielded good results. Huyn believes that Microsoft has therefore decided to roll out the function widely and states that further improvements can be expected in the future.

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