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Microsoft Teams has arrived for clients

Microsoft Teams has arrived for clients

Microsoft Teams for Individuals has been officially available since last night. You can participate with 300 people at the same time for 24 hours.

Since yesterday, Microsoft introduced a consumer version of Teams. The video chat tool was only available in beta until recently. Like Microsoft Teams for Business, the consumer version will allow you to chat, video chat, share calendars, or share lists and files for free. The goal is that you can make video calls of a maximum of 300 participants simultaneously, for a maximum of 24 hours.

Microsoft Teams for clients

The tech giant plans to make these restrictions smaller over time. The goal is publishing The epidemic To go to 100 people in one hour. The company is doing this to give people today the opportunity to stay in contact with each other as long as the pandemic is active. Are you having a conversation with one person? Then it could take up to 24 hours, even after a pandemic.

Moreover, this version is slightly different from Corporate Teams. The usual functions remain the same, although it is noted that this version is intended for families and groups of friends. The way to communicate is more fun, and that’s okay. Anyone who really wants can use Personal Teams. Microsoft keeps both versions separate and you log in with your personal Microsoft account.

You can use Teams on a file Web version, Before desktop Or for Male in appearance On iOS.