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Minister Vandenbrooke targets the proposal of the Michel government

Minister Vandenbrooke targets the proposal of the Michel government

Vandenbroek tends to follow the advice of the National Action Council, according to the Socialists. Like the Court of Accounts and the Planning Office, the social partners believe that this measure costs too much – €1 billion per year at breakneck speed – in order to create very few jobs. Moreover, the unlimited exemption has led to excesses, so that, for example, a person with a wage of 3 million euros can benefit from the exemption.

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The intent now is to reduce the exemption both in time and on the rise. The exemption will remain €3,100 for the first 10 quarters, €2,100 for the next eight and €900 for the last eight. After that, it will remain valid for 6.5 years, according to documents published by the newspaper free It can be seen. The exemption for the next five appointments will also be limited in time.

The proposal is still being discussed in the lockers, says a Vandenbroek spokesperson. The Socialists and Greens are in favor, CD&V and Open Vld are by definition not against reform, as long as it does not impede starting employers. The master is totally against it. According to the party, the exemption is necessary in the recovery.

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