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Monkey pox was first confirmed in the United States, with dozens of suspects in Canada

After previous cases in the UK, Spain and Portugal, the monkey box virus has now appeared in the United States. The CDC announced this on Wednesday. A dozen suspected cases are also being investigated in neighboring Canada.

In the United States, the virus was discovered in a resident of the northeastern state of Massachusetts. This is about a person who recently moved to Canada.

Health services in the Canadian metropolitan area of ​​Montreal meanwhile are investigating “at least” 13 suspected cases. Results are expected in a few days.

On Wednesday, Portugal already reported twenty possible infections near the capital Lisbon, five of which have already been confirmed. In neighboring Spain, eight suspected cases are currently under investigation. There have been nine confirmed cases in the UK since Wednesday.


In the monkey box, the patient has feverish symptoms and characteristic psoriasis, especially on the face but on other parts of the body. Usually, monkey box virus infection is caused by air. But the vast majority of new infections seem to be caused by sexual contact. In most cases, it involves intercourse between men.

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