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Monopoly Madness: A video game full of madness and chaos

Monopoly Madness: A video game full of madness and chaos

image via Ubisoft

Monopoly Madness is everything you’d expect from a classic board game, but on a video game stimulant.

monopoly It is one of the most popular board games of all time. This does not change the fact that the format may not be completely up to date. Quietly playing dice, trading and imprisoning for hours only to end up in a savage debate; You may need to update. That’s exactly what Ubisoft is doing with the new Monopoly video game: Monopoly Madness.

Monopoly Madness

At its core, Monopoly is a game about owning as much real estate as possible. After all, if you have enough streets, there is a greater chance that opponents will spend the night in your hotels or houses and pay you rent for it. Monopoly Madness maintains this principle, but with a big hit Video game blast So.

A touch of video game magic

In Monopoly Madness, you can buy and upgrade buildings again. But this is happening very quickly. Players navigate through Monopoly City in real time, buying houses, collecting money, searching for materials and thwarting others. The latter is essentially a new feature of monopoly; Players can collect bulldozers and jackhammers to destroy hotels and other people’s homes!

In the end, the goal of Monopoly Madness is to be the first to collect a certain number of points. Each building is worth a number of points depending on the upgrades and in this fast-paced game, that amount fluctuates constantly for each player. – thwarting, imprisonment and destruction of property; The six players are constantly working together in Monopoly Madness.

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The video game Monopoly Madness releases on December 9 for almost all platforms. ie, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, Nintendo Switch, Stadia, Ubisoft Connect PC, Epic and Luna games.