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Montea is refilling “green money” on Wall Street

The logistics real estate specialist easily collects nearly a quarter of a billion and could last until mid-2022. “Comfortable in turbulent times.”

On WDP competitor Montia is right now, too

To Wall Street. The logistics real estate specialist raised 235 million euros from six large American investors by issuing green bonds with maturities of 10 to 15 years.

Investors are satisfied with an annual return of 1.28 to 1.44 percent. Ergo: CEO Joe de Wolf can thus dramatically extend the term of debt at minimal cost. Loudly Annual Report 2020 Monte’s average debt term was 3.9 years at the end of December and the average interest rate was 1.9 percent.

We now have enough funding through mid-2022, which is a comfortable situation in uncertain times.

“We are extending the term of debt at a lower interest rate,” notes CFO Els Vervaecke. “We now have enough funding until mid-2022, which is a comfortable situation.”

Emission revenues commit to sustainable assets, such as neutral repositories of energy and renewable energy. According to the annual report, the solar panels in Montea’s warehouse will have a capacity of 38 MW by the end of 2020. This is good for producing 35,500 MWh, equivalent to consuming 10,000 households or reducing CO2 by 565 hectares of forest.

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