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Overview.  The average number of hospital admissions decreased slightly |  Instagram VTM News

Overview. The average number of hospital admissions decreased slightly | Instagram VTM News

The average number of people admitted to hospital due to Covid-19 each day has decreased slightly. The average number of new infections is also dropping further, while the number of deaths continues to rise. This is evident from the data received from the Sciensano Health Institute.

There was every day between April 8th and 14th 241.6 shots, Down 7 percent from the previous week.

There now 3049 patients covid In the hospital and from them 941 In intensive care.

Friday, virologist Sciensano withdrew Stephen Van Gucht has indeed sounded the alarm about this. According to him, nearly 2,000 IC certified beds are now occupied by Covid and non-Covid patients. We may cross the threshold of 1,000 occupied Covid beds this week. Other experts think we might be able to stay beneath it.


Between April 5 and April 11 hit every day on average 3.436 People infected with Coronavirus, down 19 percent from the previous week.

Already since the beginning of the Corona pandemic in Belgium 935,316 injuries He was diagnosed with the Coronavirus.

Rate still skewed by additional public holiday Easter Monday, Which was the last in the comparison period this week. This can be seen from the daily figures. Only 1,572 infections were detected on Monday, April 5, compared to 6,153 the previous Monday. The reason is that fewer tests are conducted on Easter.

All averages are down with the latest numbers, except for Wednesday, April 7. Then there is a slight increase noticeable, but he could still add to it Easter effect Attributed.

There were also some Minder tests I almost did 40,500 Or 31 percent less than the previous week.

from Positive Meanwhile it continues to rise, even 9.5 percent (+1.4 percent) This means that out of all 100 tests, 9.5 have tested positive, which is alarming.

He. She Reproduction number It drops slightly and goes below 1 again (0.95). Yesterday it was just above it. Therefore, the epidemic is losing some of its strength.

Death cases

Between April 5 and 11, the average of these died every day 41.4 people Effects of Covid-19, an increase of 12.4 percent. This results in the total number of deaths 23.603.


Finally, the data definitely shows that 1.986.064 The Belgians are one The first blow Corona vaccine, which constitutes 17.3% of the population. 640.859 People also received one The second shot It is fully protected. They represent 5.6 percent of the population.

at Flanders Owns 1.176.379 The population has had at least one first injection, or 17.75 percent. 382.238 Among them (5.77 percent) are fully protected.

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