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More and More Companies Drop Meilandjes After Anti-Islam Remarks, "Château Meiland" Reality Show Not in Danger |  showbiz

More and More Companies Drop Meilandjes After Anti-Islam Remarks, “Château Meiland” Reality Show Not in Danger | showbiz

showbizSkin care brand Nivea and chocolate brand Milka also immediately ended the collaboration with the Meiland family. Dutch mattress brand Matras and card company Hallmark previously cut off cooperation after Erica Meiland (58) made anti-Islam comments about people wearing the hijab.

Beiersdorf, the parent company of NIVEA, told the Dutch newspaper AD this afternoon that it “embraces inclusivity and diversity across the board.” We are committed to acceptance and equality and oppose any form of discrimination. Erica Melland has made statements about Islam in support of her daughter Maxim. Beiersdorf does not agree. By starting a collaboration between Nivea and Maxime, we will feel like we are sticking to a philosophy that doesn’t work for us as an organization and a brand. Nivea is for everyone, regardless of religion, origin, gender, sexual orientation and age. “

The cause of the smear is some of the statements made by Mother Erica in her new autobiography. She expresses herself critically about wearing the hijab and the burqa. And she says, among other things: “Tie your patches up, dude. I’ve seen three of those penguins walking in Noordwijk, that’s not normal, is it?”


Nya isn’t the only brand that no longer wants to be associated with the family because of it. On Monday evening, it was already announced that Emma Matras immediately stopped cooperating with Maxime Milland. In the statement posted on Instagram, the mattress brand wrote: “Recent comments by Erica Meiland, mother of Maxime Meilland, go against our values. Since we do not want to judge Maxime based on her mother’s opinions, we have given her the opportunity to respond publicly. To date, she has not responded to This “.

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That’s why the company took action: “Emma expressly distances herself from Erica Meiland’s comments. We do not accept the exclusion or condemnation of any group of people on the basis of race, religion, sexual orientation, or any other personal characteristic. That is why we have decided to end the collaboration with Maxime with immediate effect, Because we don’t want to work with someone who doesn’t embrace our values ​​of diversity and inclusion.”

Milka has now also broken up the collaboration, and can be read on Instagram. The chocolate company writes: “We have already had a one-off collaboration with Maxime Meiland in the past. This collaboration predates the publication of Maxime’s mother’s book. However, we want to make it clear that Milka (…) does not tolerate any kind of racist statements. We have removed Already Maxime posts from our social media and we’ve asked her to do the same on her profile.” Erica herself says that she does not want to comment on the matter. The rest of the family fell silent.

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Employer Talpa, who makes the reality series Meilandjes, responds in a statement: “Our collaboration with the family relates to the program we make with them: ‘Chateau Meiland.’ The program provides unique insight into the private lives of the family and is known as light-hearted entertainment around the ups and downs of the family. Within these frameworks of our collaborations , we make statements about the family and/or events. Other (private) matters and/or collaborations, outside the program, are the responsibility of the family itself. Standing with freedom of expression and against intentional harm to human beings or population groups.

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previously made Hallmark Maps based on Meilandjes texts from their site. We do not exclude anyone and believe that everyone belongs and matters. When the partner we’re working with doesn’t share our vision, we feel compelled to take these products (…) offline,” the company stated.

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