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You've Never Seen It Like This: Surprises Billie Eilish in a sexy photo shoot in British Vogue |  Famous

You’ve Never Seen It Like This: Surprises Billie Eilish in a sexy photo shoot in British Vogue | Famous

FamousIf you look at the cover of British Vogue, you may have to look twice. Billie Eilish (19) appears to grace the magazine cover almost unrecognizable. The singer recently replaced her black locks with a blonde haircut. And the dark clothes that you usually wear cannot be found anywhere. Billy standing in a pink corset.

In the photos you can clearly see the tattoo on the thigh of the singer. Last year, the singer revealed to Vanity Fair that she’s got a new tattoo, but fans will never see it. This is clearly changing now, but Billie Eilish hasn’t delved into the meaning of the tattoo.

The singer told more about her vision for the future. At the end of this year, Billy will celebrate her 20th birthday and say that she is entering a new phase in her life. “As long as you feel good,” says Eilish in her interview with Vogue. “If you want to have surgery, allow yourself to have the operation. If you want to wear a specific dress, just wear it. It doesn’t matter what other people think.”

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The singer’s photo shoot will take place right before the release of her second album. “Happier Than Ever” will be released on July 30 and contains a total of sixteen songs. Just think of songs like “Billie Bossa Nova”, “My Future” and “Lost Cause”. What if her second album would be as successful as her first album “When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?” It still needs to be seen. The first record was awarded no less than five times at the Grammy Awards. For example, it won the “Album of the Year” award.

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