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More and more employees choose the bike |  the interior

More and more employees choose the bike | the interior

In January 2022, 8.43% of employees traveled to work, compared to 6.41% in January 2021. In February this was 8.04 percent of employees, compared to 6.84 percent in February of 2021.

says Veerle Michiels, legal counsel at SD. worx: “The maximum amount that an employee could charge per kilometer to be free of social security contributions and taxes was 0.24 euros in 2021, as of this year it will be 0.25 euros.” “Giving a bicycle allowance is not a legal obligation, which means the actual number of cyclists could be much higher.”

Over the full year 2021, the proportion of employees receiving a bicycle allowance increased to 15.73 percent, compared to 14.96 percent the previous year. East Flanders tops the list (19.19 per cent), followed by Antwerp (17.49 per cent), West Flanders (15.14 per cent), Limburg (12.72 per cent), Flemish Brabant (7.75 per cent) and Brussels (5.54 per cent). Lockdown and remote work means total bike mileage is reduced by a fifth in 2021. The average bike ride earned €72 instead of bikes in 2021, compared to €92.16 in 2020.

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