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Rap Britt aims to fulfill her dream with her album Campus

Rap Britt aims to fulfill her dream with her album Campus

De Hengelose was about fourteen years old when she started writing rap lyrics. But also recording and singing those lyrics? Hooker or Hook hadn’t dared to do that yet. “Besides, I didn’t have any equipment yet. About three years ago – around the time I started studying – I was a bit more confident and also dared to record songs.

Rap album

The move led Heuker of Hoek — who recently completed her bachelor’s degree in psychology — to release her first rap album in December. It’s named after UT’s grounds: “Campus.” The album’s story is about the uncertainty of taking a leap of faith and chasing your dreams, or choosing the safe option. “The lyrics reflect how I live life. The UT campus is where those two stories come together for me.”

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Where do Hooker or Hook themselves fit into this dilemma? “I think it’s somewhere in between.” “I’m going to focus entirely on music for the next six months to pursue my dream: breaking into the hip-hop world. At the same time, I also want to get my master’s degree, but I’m going to put that on hold for a while.”

The album begins with an intro called to requestHeuker of Hoek raps about two types of introduction letters. These lines are put together later in the album. In the first weeks after launch The listening numbers were good. “And that goes for the reactions in my environment as well.” The artist said: “My family and friends really enjoy doing this.”

American communications

For Hecker of Hook, the next period will be about training as much as possible, developing his own style, listening to music for hours and trying to stand out. “I share a lot on social media and try to make connections, because I don’t make beats myself. Promotion is improving and I have some great collaborations with American producers. It’s hard to stand out without a brand or money for promotion, so I’ve been spending a lot of time on that. I differentiate myself with rapping in English, which you don’t see much in the Netherlands, which is why the American connections are so important.

Neither Heuker nor Hoek have promoted their music at UT yet. “Maybe a little insecure?” She hopes she can eventually make the golden call, which will eventually allow her to tour the world. “Being a full-time artist and making it in America would be amazing. If I do, I’m afraid I won’t be able to pursue my master’s degree anymore, but I’m willing to do it.”

“Campus” is here (via Spotify).