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More than 30 people arrested in riots in The Hague and Roermond

More than 30 people arrested in riots in The Hague and Roermond

It was also turbulent elsewhere in the Netherlands last night, after violent riots in Rotterdam on Friday night. In Katwick, a group of a few hundred people, who had gathered in the street after food-making time was closed, threw heavy fireworks. According to the police, there was no major disturbance

In Ponchoten, according to a police spokesperson, about two dozen youths set off fireworks, including targeting a police car. A container was also set on fire. The police spokesman said the group eventually escaped and then calm returned. No one has been arrested.

In the De Kemp district of Roermond, dozens of young people caused disturbances by bombarding police with heavy fireworks. Police dispersed the rioters and arrested 12 young men. The emergency decree is in effect in Roermond today and tomorrow morning. According to the regulations, people can be searched on the street as a precaution.

Hooligan youths also took to the streets of Stein, and an emergency law was put in place there. Police arrested a person in a village south of Limburg. It was also turbulent in Urk and heavy fireworks were thrown at the police. Eight people were arrested here for possession or setting off fireworks.

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