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More than 9000 smartphones are already infected with the "bpost virus" via SMS

More than 9000 smartphones are already infected with the “bpost virus” via SMS

Authorities say it is a dangerous virus, FluBot, that causes a lot of damage and also quickly spreads to the victim’s phone contacts.

Quite a few Belgians have received text messages about a so-called shipment of bpost since last weekend. More than 5,700 internet users submitted a report to the China Construction Bank. The virus is said to have caused a lot of damage in other European countries a few weeks ago.

What should you do?

Anyone who clicks the link and installs the app will be advised to return the phone to factory settings immediately. Anyone who still uses passwords after installing the app should change them. The text message may have been forwarded to all contacts on the phone. Notifying them is a good idea.

The CCB and BIPT are warning everyone that more false reports may circulate in the near future. They advise against installing apps via a link in a message.

Cyber ​​criminals may use lists of phone numbers circulating on the Internet. “With the extended weekend approaching, cyber criminals are often more active.”

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