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More traffic accidents due to ‘zoom zombies’ in US | Car

According to U.S. Wakefield research, the number of traffic accidents in the United States has risen sharply over the past year due to concentration issues resulting from video conferencing.

As a result, the number of road accidents increased by eight percent, although car travel per kilometer was 13.2 percent less than in 2019. In terms of the number of miles operated in the United States, there is even an increase of 24 percent. This is the largest annual increase since 1924.

From the study of commissioned Wakefield research Root insurance Of the more than 1,800 respondents, 54 percent said they had difficulty concentrating after a video conference. The so-called ‘zoom zombies’ are, according to the institute, part of a trend where motorists are increasingly being distracted by technology.

According to Wakefield Research, zoom fatigue is a form of fatigue associated with participating in video conferences. The company says that using sites like Zoom, Microsoft teams and Google Meat requires eye contact and less exercise. There is also a high light load because there is no time for light conversations in between so you need to pay constant attention. This leads to a cognitive load, which then continues as you get in the car.

What causes ‘zoom fatigue’?

1. Excessive screen use at close range is too intense for your eyes

2. Tired of constantly watching you in real time during video chats

3. Video chats significantly reduce our regular physical activity; You are sitting behind a screen

4. Cognitive load is much higher in video conferencing than in regular meeting

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