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The United States is seeing significant acceleration in China’s nuclear construction

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The U.S. Department of Defense wrote in its annual report to Congress that China has accelerated the pace of developing nuclear weapons and will have at least 1,000 nuclear weapons by 2030. A source from US security sources said that this acceleration is of great concern to us. “It raises questions about their motives.”

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Last year, the Pentagon estimated that China would double its nuclear arsenal of more than 200 in ten years. In 2027 it may be 700. There are 3,750 in the United States alone. According to analysts, the People’s Republic has no plans to attack with land, submarines and airborne weapons. The country is increasingly investing in the equipment needed to expand its nuclear arsenal, which is primarily intended as a deterrent. China itself insists on acting purely defensively.

The US government sees China as its biggest rival. Tensions have recently risen, especially over Taiwan, an ally of the United States. Beijing eventually wants to annex Taiwan. The Chinese weapons program aims to gain enough influence to withstand any retaliation after the move to demand Taiwan by 2027.

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