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Pas op: meerdere apps uit Play Store stelen je Facebook-wachtwoord

Multiple apps from play store are stealing your Facebook password

Bad detection has been made in many applications. The apps, which can be simply downloaded from the Google Play Store, have made it possible to steal the password you use for Facebook. We have listed the respective applications.

Apps steal your Facebook password

Internet security company d. Web reports indicate that many applications, which were on the Play Store, are equipped with “Trojans” that can access your password from Facebook. Of the 10 apps found, 9 were downloadable from the Play Store. Together, the apps have been downloaded nearly 5.9 million times. Google’s security system has been deceptively scammed, not to be immediately noticed by Google. After reports from Dr. The web, it is still removed from the Play Store, but it is possible that it is still installed on your smartphone or tablet.

The researchers reported that the apps were fully functional. This means that users are not immediately suspected. For example, there was a horoscope app and a photo editor that looked good at first glance. In their own words, it was necessary to log in with Facebook to be able to use all the functions and disable ads in the applications. When this button was pressed, the familiar Facebook login window was displayed. However, what users didn’t see was that this was a modified version of the web version, so that passwords could be intercepted.

It is best to remove the following apps from the Play Store immediately if they are (still) on your device;

  • Image Processing
  • Keep lock app
  • rubbish cleaner
  • daily horoscope
  • B towers
  • App lock manager
  • Locket Master
  • Enoil Fitness
  • PIP . picture
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