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HomePod 14.6 and 15 make the speakers unusable

HomePod 14.6 and 15 make the speakers unusable

Update July 7, 2021: It appears that software version 14.6 is also causing problems with HomePod. Some of them became unusable due to the update and on reddit There are countless stories people complain about. One user has 19 HomePods and notices that 7 no longer work today. Four of them are running the HomePod 15 beta. Another advised before an Apple To unplug the HomePod and not use it until the next software update is available. This should prevent damage to the HomePod motherboard. There is no solution currently.

Here is our previous article from July 5, 2021.

HomePod overheating due to beta 15

an Apple Releases beta versions for countless devices, for developers and public beta testers. There is no official HomePod beta, but the AppleSeed beta is available for invited users. They can already test the functionality of the upcoming HomePod. But they don’t have much fun with the test. It turns out that software version 15 is still full of errorsThis causes the speaker to overheat.

By the way, anyone who really wants to install the beta software for HomePod can, because the required profile can be found via Google. However, we do not recommend this, because very few problems occur. On Reddit, users warn each other: it’s best to unplug the HomePod from the wall socket, because the top gets very hot. This can cause the motherboard to fail. It also happens that the HomePod turns itself off due to overheating. Another problem is that siri The music cannot be turned off. If you tap the top, HomePod skips the next song, but it doesn’t stop playing.

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Just like a file Apple Watch Isn’t it possible that HomePod Downgrade to a previous software version. So you will have to wait for future betas that fix the problem, or a release HomePod Put it on hold for a few weeks until version 15 is officially released.