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Municipality makes way for 155 natural cemeteries in Lersum |رسوم  De Cap News newspaper

Municipality makes way for 155 natural cemeteries in Lersum |رسوم De Cap News newspaper

total learning After realizing natural burials at Doorn a few years ago, natural burials are now possible at Leersum. In the new public cemetery in Lersum, space for 155 natural cemeteries has recently been created. There are double and single natural tombs.

With natural burial, the choice is made for a cemetery in nature that blends in with the landscape, apart from a wooden disc. “Natural burial is burial in a way that does not burden the environment and nature as little as possible. The natural character (and experience with it) of the environment is affected only slightly,” according to the municipality. Natural cemeteries are also larger than standard cemeteries.

serious care “In addition to the general maintenance of the forests, no cadaver care or maintenance is required. Eventually, the graves will be completely absorbed into nature,” continues the municipality. Soil and area disturbance is reduced to a minimum. There is a 99-year burial guarantee. All costs are paid at once, except for the purchase of a tomb. ”

Gazon Baden In recent months, work has been carried out to achieve a natural burial at Leersum. For example, a number of paved paths have been converted into grass paths that will be developed into flower-filled grass paths in the coming years. Furthermore, a plateau was built so that festivities could be held outside and new trees were planned to give the site a natural appearance.

Future vision In 2018, Heuvelrugcollege established the future vision for municipal cemeteries. One of the goals of this vision is to make the exploitation of municipal cemeteries more cost-effective. One action point from Future Vision was to investigate the expansion of burials in nature. According to the municipality, “It is very good that the residents of Lessum took the initiative to bring natural cemeteries in their village.”

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If you would like more information about natural burials, you can contact the Utrechtse Heuvelrug municipal burial department at (0343) 56 56 00.