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Nature poet Marjolin van den Hoof of Dronten: “Nature gives way in a full head”

Marjolein van den Hof prefers to be outside in nature. Photo: Marjolin van den Hoof

Nature gives way to a full head. rest. “My thoughts come together when I’m outside,” says Marjolin van den Hoof of Dronten. From an early age, she was involved in nature and its metaphors. She has now published her own collection of nature poems for the first time: On a Bed of Moss.

In fact, I started writing this collection of poems when I saw something special outside. Suddenly a verse popped into my head and I thought, “I’m going to work on this at home.” A few weeks later this happened to me again. In this way a wide range was created, says Marjolin van den Hove.

Introduction to the novel

I wrote my first home as an introduction to my novel that I started years ago. This is not complete yet, because the package came through. The poem was about the comfort of nature. It can be very comforting if you are sad and feel that nature, or Mother Earth, can help you.

Nature as a metaphor

She says emotions are allowed. Immerse yourself in nature and try to look around with different eyes. Smell, feel and be aware of your feelings and emotions. Many people go abroad, but mainly for kilometers. If you are walking in the village forest in Dronten, or in your own garden, you can experience the outdoors in a different way. As long as you allow it! Marjolin also tries to convey this feeling to the reader. All poems are based on everything that can be found outside the house. “Nature is a kind of metaphor for many of the things we experience as human beings. When it rains, you can experience it as a regular rain. But you may also feel that the world around you is crying with you, or that it takes away your fears and sorrows. Therefore, comfort is an emotion to be found. Often in the group.But there are also pieces of wonder, resilience, sadness, anger, and joy.

“I think the moss is great to see.”

Margolin loves velvet algae. This is how I came up with the title: “On a bed of moss.” “I think moss is very beautiful to see. In addition, it is also soft. I immediately think that nature has a soft bed for you where you can completely relax.”

The book has just been published, but Marjolin is already looking to the future. I am very curious about how poems are received and how people read them. You can also read it without the main message.

However, now Marjolin wants to continue her novel. However, this is a completely different branch of sports. I usually write poems easily, and the long story is more intense in my experience. But this does not mean that there will not be a new package. I still find inspiration to write it.

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