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Nazimana: “I fear it won't be the final CL history book” |  Platform

Nazimana: “I fear it won’t be the final CL history book” | Platform

Manchester City or Chelsea. Tomorrow evening we get to know the winner of the Champions League. In a bonus episode of De Tribune, Peter Vandenbempt and Aster Nzeyimana weigh the two finalists against each other.

About City: “I can’t say I’m in a City Fun Crow match”

“The basis for City to qualify for this final is defense. What Virgil van Dijk has become for Liverpool and Dias is for City. They have finally become a true successor to Vincent Kompany,” Peter Vandenbett said.

“But I will swear in church for a moment: In City I feel increasingly“ Barcelona-Tikitaka feeling. ”I cannot say that after a match with City I will leave my comment booth. It has happened in recent years. In Barcelona too. All respect and praise. On the superior quality and technology, but I don’t enjoy. “

Nazimana: “This is very intentional. I read an interview with Guardiola about slowing down the game, pressing the pause button during the match.” We kill them with a thousand passes, and that’s boring. But the way he’s doing he’s reintroduced that to a group he’s been representing for many years, that’s impressive. “

But should we be excited about that? Vandenbutt asks. “I respect her, but I don’t think she’s cool.”

City coach Guardiola.

About Chelsea: ‘This CL campaign revealed’

“It will make me more enthusiastic about Chelsea,” Vandenbutt says. “There are different versions of this team. In the FA Cup it was devoid of energy, but in the competition against Leicester it was incredibly energetic. And I really appreciate this active version.” Chelsea were also impressive against Real Madrid. The first half hour was wonderful. “

“Chelsea is revealing the UEFA Champions League campaign under Tuchel.” Tuchel, who only came during the season, is in the final for the second year in a row. “It should be possible to reach the Champions League final with Paris Saint-Germain. But that is impressive. I don’t think anyone anticipated that in advance. He’s a passionate professional.”

Some players also get praise in De Tribune. For example, Mason Mount is “unlikely.” And goalkeeper Mindy? “He has reflexes, he looks good, he looks like zen … He’s one of the best players in the world, really. He’s not exposed to the light. But Chelsea also has some important players” can freeze or melt “soccer players, like Timo Werner.”

Nezimana adds. “But Werner is being very mentally punished. He gets a lot of criticism and plays at times unhappy, but then he turns that button again. There is already half of the criticism broken in two players. He scores a lot and gives a lot of passes. So he will get mocked, but pull it off from him.” And there is a problem. “

Timo Werner.

Who will make it? Lose to Chelsea would be a softer, catastrophic one

Who has the most pressure for this final now? Nziimana: “Chelsea have also invested a lot of course, but after this season the CL victory will look like a reward. Manchester City have been waiting for a long time.”

“It’s also different for City from last year’s Paris Saint-Germain,” Vandenbutt says. “Paris Saint-Germain played against Bayern, then you can lose. City is now a favorite in the sky and if it loses against Chelsea, it would be a softer catastrophe.”

Vandenbempt also expects a boring final. “I fear that it is not final in the history books,” Nazimana adds. “The two teams know what works against each other. Chelsea will stand and wait and count on the counter. City expects this counter and will want to keep spaces small.”

And who wins? “The city is my favorite, but I don’t dare put a euro on anyone.”

Vandenbebt: “I expect that the front-runner will not qualify and I place all my hopes on Chelsea.”

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