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Juventus bring Massimiliano Allegri to succeed Pirlo |  Series A.

Juventus bring Massimiliano Allegri to succeed Pirlo | Series A.

LeagueMusical chairs among the coaches at the European summit. distance Antonio Conte (Inter) in Zinedine Zidane (Real Madrid) Juventus coach Andrea Pirlo is next to replace him. Juventus formally submitted the resignation of Pirlo today. It makes way for the return of Massimiliano Allegri, who will sign until 2025.

Pirlo got his first chance as a head coach this season from Juventus, succeeding Maurizio Sarri. It was not a huge success. In the last minute, fourth place (and thus the UEFA Champions League ticket) was secured. On the last day of play, Napoli left their home for Verona, which could benefit Juventus. But not the tenth consecutive Scudetto for “The Old Lady”. For the first time since 2011, the title went to another club: Inter Romelu Lukaku.

The ultimate goal of winning the Champions League also failed entirely. Things went wrong against FC Porto in the eighth final. Pirlo and his teammates only succeeded in the Coppa Italia. Champion Inter were eliminated in the semi-finals, after which Atalanta lost 1–2 in the final. Enough for another season of Pirlo as coach, but that turned out not to be the case. So Pirlo was successful as a soccer player – with Juventus, Milan and Italy collecting trophies together – so his coaching career began with hesitation.

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Pirlo first responded to his dismissal via social media. “It has been a particularly difficult year. I realize the hurdles and difficult moments this season. I knew I was taking the risk by taking on the position, but the respect for the club was very great. In the past, I would have chosen the same option,” says Pirlo.

Departure of Fabio Barates

Now Alegre will succeed Pirlo. He has a contract in Turin until 2025. Allegri coached Juventus between 2014 and 2019. In the five seasons under Allegri, Juventus became five-time champions, winning the Coppa Italia four times and the Super Cup twice. Juventus have also reached two Champions League finalists under the 53-year-old coach. In 2015 he lost to Barcelona, ​​in 2017 to Real Madrid.

The return of Allegri is a logical consequence of the departure of Fabio Paratici from Juventus. The Italian club did not renew the sporting director’s contract. In 2019, Allegri had left Juventus at Paratici’s insistence and now that he had packed his bags, the road was open again for reunification between Juventus and Alegre.

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