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Nearly 2,000 COVID patients in hospitals again

Nearly 2,000 COVID patients in hospitals again

There are currently 1,995 patients in Belgian hospitals. This is clear from the preliminary figures of the Sciensano Health Institute on Wednesday. Meanwhile, the number of infections continues to rise.

There are currently 1,995 COVID-19 patients in our area Hospitals, an increase of 5 percent compared to the previous day. 450 (-11 percent) of them are in the wings intensive care.

the number of Hospital stay It continues to rise, although the rise appears to be slowing somewhat. Between January 5 and 11, an average of 179.4 people (+10 percent) were admitted per day.

Between January 2 and 8, there were an average of 21,874 new people in our country every day Coronapsmetingen, an increase of 96 percent over the previous week. In total, more than 2.3 million people have already been infected with the virus.

From positive It also continues to rise. Of the average of 84,300 tests performed per day, 26.6 percent (+8.7 percent) were positive. He. She reproduction number It is now 1.04. If it is above 1, it means that the epidemic is still gaining momentum.

in the same period He died The daily average is 17.4 individuals, a decrease of 29 percent. Since the beginning of the epidemic, 28,539 people have died.

For more numbers, please visit the Sciensano dashboard.

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