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Seven out of ten want a transfer budget for all employees |  Economie

Seven out of ten want a transfer budget for all employees | Economie

Seven out of ten Belgians support the travel budget for all employees, according to a survey conducted by the organization Touring among more than a thousand people. There is much less interest among owners of the company’s cars, and this is the category that is now eligible for this additional benefit.

The Mobility Budget was introduced three years ago to encourage employees who own a company car to choose more sustainable, multimodal transportation. However, the mobility budget is not a resounding success: HR firm Securex calculated in the middle of last year that only 4 percent of all Belgian employees own it. The measure has been extended since January 1.

It remains to be seen if this will make more employees choose the commuting budget. Touring reports that Belgians are globally positive about this measure. “People are open to the principle of using various means of transportation to get to work or take professional trips as efficiently as possible. This is an important insight for employers when determining wages: employees perceive the commuting budget as an interesting marginal advantage,” it seems.

more success

Touring also has some suggestions to make this more successful. Crucial to this is better communication and freedom of choice for the employee. Turing says one in five employees now doesn’t know if their employer is budgeting for commuting. Four out of ten company car owners are willing to switch, but only if they have options of their own.

In any case, the car continues to occupy an important place within the budget, because more than half of the alternatives do not outweigh the advantages of the company car. The amount of the mobility budget should also be large enough: for six out of ten it is attractive only from 200 euros per month, and one in three expects up to 500 euros per month. In order to truly break through the budget, it needs to be within the reach of all working Belgians, according to Touring.

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