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Neighboring Boskabouters School will provide a place for ... (Hemiksem)

Neighboring Boskabouters School will provide a place for … (Hemiksem)

The school is located in Hoofdboslaan, in a green and quiet area. © Bart Rogiman


Boskabouters School District in Hoofdboslaan will be incorporated in a few years into the new building of Klaverbos Main School in Jan Sanderslaan. In this way, the local government also wants to provide the space for additional special childcare that is most needed in the neighborhood.

“Young parents have already noticed: It’s not easy to find a place in childcare from 0 to 3 years in Hemixime and the surrounding area,” says Christian Wengerhuts (Furwitt), Alderman Education and Childcare. “The school was established in Hoofdboslaan to receive children and is located in a calm and green environment. Therefore it is an ideal location to start childcare. Due to the relocation of the neighborhood school, a space has been created where up to 72 children can be taken care of.”

“This step is possible thanks to the new building that we are realizing for the Klaverbos School, with better, more modern infrastructure and a better framework in every largest. Boskabouters teachers will move with you.”

The district school, where about fifty pupils go to school, will likely move in the 2023-2024 school year. ribbon

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