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New space is back, new style, new location.  But with an artist of the month.

New space is back, new style, new location. But with an artist of the month.

VELP – After the relocation, subsequent renewal, and closure, it is finally time for New Space to open its doors again.

On Sunday 2 May the first exhibition can be enjoyed, in a new style, in the old Nassauschool building on Oranjestraat in Velp. This exhibition will be featured by Artist of the Month, Jasper Van Deutecum. Which, in turn, brings three other artists together and takes care of the exhibition together.

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Jasper has worked for more than thirty years as a drawing and crafts teacher. And he started drawing and painting about fifteen years ago. Over two years ago, he stopped teaching and began focusing entirely on making art.

“I didn’t wake up one morning” Jasper says, He said to my bossI will not come from todayThat was a process that lasted for years. I had exhibited his work for years and was less and less in front of the class. You have to do the whole education, and you can’t do that halfway, then you can’t do that to these kids. So I had to choose. “

The choice turned out to be the right one, and in recent years Jasper has made a name for himself as a painter from Impressionist to Realist work. From his studio in the De Transformation Building in Arnhem he does works that are mostly people-centered.

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Jasper Van Diotecum - Sebastian Turinhof

“Draw what I encountered,” Jasper explains, “The things I love. A lot of the time. Because in the place where people happened something happened.” He says he works from photos he takes on the street, sometimes a little undercover. “Because then you capture people as they really are, if they don’t realize that they are being photographed, because they are often standing in front of them.”

“You can often see in detail from someone’s situation whether someone is old or young, or whether someone is happy or sad, or whether someone is feeling good about themselves. I really like to see that, it tells a story. I really enjoy it when people can identify with it, when they can put themselves between them. ”

The three artists that Jasper brings are:

  • Mary Helen Marbus, will exhibit her impressionist drawings.
  • Marco Arwert, graphic artist whose prints will be displayed in ink.
  • José Sprenkels is known for her small landscapes that can also be an abstract portrait.

Curious about the work of these four very diverse artists? Want to finally be able to enjoy art again? Then come Sunday May 2, 12-5pm, to Oranjestraat 36A at Velp.

You can, of course, attend spontaneously, but you can also make an appointment with Jasper at 06-2157699. The entrance is on the TerpenTijn side. The gallery is still open all month, every Sunday.

For more information, visit:

(Pictures and text: Sebastian Turinhof)

Jasper Van Diotecum - Sebastian Turinhof

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