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Netflix acquires Finnish gaming company Next Games – Gaming – News

As long as you get more and the costs stay the same, what exactly is the problem? † Perhaps Netflix will actually come in a separate tier where you can we will Get the games, but not yet because the library of games is very small and people first want to cheer you up on the games, so that you are more inclined to we will to pay (extra) for it? † It’s a pity that people immediately grumble and want a discount because they get something (for now) for free and they “don’t pay for it”.

So your point is not correct now; You pay the same amount, but you get Lake before before. Later, an additional category can be added to subscriptions that also give access to games. Netflix might not do that now to implement its strategy a bit: get you into the system first, so you don’t really want to take away from their content later and thus keep your subscription. The same for games; First build a library, then ask for money when you are familiar with the games, thus close the tier also with the games. But that’s for aftercare, first make sure there’s something, in the meantime, to please customers as much as possible. I don’t think there is anything wrong with that, as long as you don’t pay extra.

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