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Netflix added more than 9 million subscribers in the first quarter of 2024 – Image and Audio – News

That is possible. Assuming your sources are more or less correct (they don't have any important sources per se, but of course you can't do anything about that) :) ), is that permissible? In short, she says they want to introduce more “provocative titles” or at least don't want to boycott it.
Your sources translate this as “anti-wake”, because that's the way it is these days, but they're basically saying they want to provide a wider range.

Ultimately, the streaming service naturally chooses a particular font. All major services have a fairly broad offering that suits a “mainstream audience.” The current era requires a certain diversity, which may or may not represent everyone. A lot of things seem overly inclusive right now, but that might also be because of where I live. Now it doesn't really matter to me. It's actually an eye-opener in a way. I think I now feel a little bit more about what people of skin color or different orientation feel in terms of media representation. I never thought about it.
But it seems that a fair number of people have become somewhat “desensitized” to the amount of diversity in the media. Is there a good chance this will deter people from signing up?
By this I mean things like “Black Cleopatra”, the focus on Alexander the Great's homosexuality (no idea how accurate that is), and an Asian man getting pregnant. Other titles in which young people fall in love. And so on and so on.
I think it depends on the way and the clear purpose that they cast certain characters that way or write certain stories that way. Is black Cleopatra an artistic choice, did they just want a black woman because that's part of the times, or was she just the best actress available for the role?

It seems that many people cannot process the above examples properly. Now that's how I feel now too like A black person is placed in a specific role, and the response is immediately very frantic: “forced black person.”

Note: The above can of course apply to any streaming service. In practice, Disney is a little heavier on this trend. I think HBO Max is a little less so. (Although of course it is not a 100% study, but more trends)

In any case. During the period in which Netflix released several “omnibus titles” and began marketing aggressively, the company clearly struggled less. They stopped that and things are getting better now. It could also be a coincidence, because a lot has changed in the meantime (restricting account sharing, etc.). But maybe it has something to do with it.