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Netflix fires an employee after leaking internal data about...

Netflix fires an employee after leaking internal data about…

Comedian Dave Chappelle. © AFP

Netflix finds itself in turmoil after a special show by comedian Dave Chappelle set the mood in the workplace. The reason for this is the internal documents, which were also later leaked to the outside. The employee allegedly responsible for this leak has now been fired.

“We have allowed an employee to go on to share confidential and commercially sensitive information outside of the company,” Netflix said in a statement. “We understand that disappointment and hurt from Netflix is ​​employee motivation, but maintaining a culture of trust and transparency is at the core of our business.” This transparency essentially refers to the Netflix interior kitchen. The streaming service shares data with employees, but it’s not meant for the outside world. Failure to do so may result in dismissal under company policy.

That data, released by media company Bloomberg, also included financial information about Dave Chappelle’s “The Close” special. He causes a lot of uproar, as he laughs with transgender people and defends controversial statements by writer J.K. Rowling. According to Bloomberg, the special could have received $24.1 million, which is his previous special offer sticks stones From 2019, she has earned $23.6 million. This is more than the current high score squid gameFor which the streaming service paid her $21.4 million.

No harm to the real world

Co-CEO Ted Sarandos, defended Chappelle’s own story in a note. It reads: “We have a strong belief that on-screen content does not directly translate into harm in the real world.” Sarandos also noted that figures such as Australian comedian Hannah Gadsby are contributing to the company’s efforts to improve minority representation. But Gadsby’s reaction is furious. “You didn’t really pay me enough to deal with the real-world consequences of hate speech, which you now refuse to admit. Damn you And your unethical algorithmic culture.”

Hundreds of employees – transgender and those who support them – are planning on Netflix in the meantime strike on october 20 Because of Sarandos’ statements. “Trans people matter, trans rights matter. As an organization, Netflix has failed to show interest in our mission of entertaining the world by consistently delivering content that harms our community and consistently failing to create content that represents and promotes mobile content. We can and must do what we can and must do,” the group says. He’s better!”.

Remarkably, Netflix itself says it encourages employees to show it publicly when they disagree with the sentiment conveyed by the company.

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