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The Nobel Prize in Literature goes to Tanzanian writer Abd...

The Nobel Prize in Literature goes to Tanzanian writer Abd…

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This year’s Nobel Prize in Literature was awarded to Abdul Razak Garna, a Tanzanian. The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences in Stockholm announced this on Thursday.

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Abd al-Razzaq Jarna (1948) was born in Zanzibar, but lives in Canterbury and has nine books to his credit, including ‘By the Sea’ and ‘Memory of Departure’. He was Professor of English at the University of Kent and a member of the Man Booker Prize jury in 2016.

The Nobel Committee awarded Guerna “for his relentless and compassionate experience of the consequences of colonialism, and the plight of the refugee at the divide between cultures and continents”.


The victory of Gourna did not come from a vacuum. Many observers thought it was time for a non-Western author to receive the Nobel Prize, since the list of prize winners was mostly European and male. Before Gourna, an African writer was only rewarded five times.

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The Nobel Prize is worth 10 million Swedish kronor, which is approximately 988,800 euros. Last year, American poet Louise Gluck won the Nobel Prize in Literature.

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