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Netherlands tightens US travel measures again: All isolated

The Netherlands lifted travel restrictions from the United States last summer, after the EU reopened its borders to US travelers.Statue of Jacob von Williams

This means that from Thursday morning, all travelers from the United States must be under home isolation for at least five days, encouraging travel to the United States.

Regardless of vaccinations or negative test reports, this measure applies to all travelers and is recommended by any means.

For example, there are exceptions for ‘required family visits’ or for travelers attending a funeral. Transfer passengers on another flight to Schiphol are also an exception. However, they face similar measures in the country where they came from.


By this measure, the Netherlands is ahead of its neighbors. This creates the opportunity for travelers from the United States to travel to our country via overseas airports, thus avoiding isolated duty. “We have already heard that many passengers are now flying through Brussels, Paris or Germany,” says Marnix Fruitema, of Barin’s Association of Airlines.

Nevertheless, the move would have major repercussions for air traffic to and from the United States, and the vulnerability of airlines such as KLM, for which flights across the Atlantic Ocean are essential. “What is this move based on?”

“We can shop en masse in Antwerp without any restrictions, but can’t fly out of New York or Atlanta with all the precautionary measures? Having been vaccinated twice, tested and encouraged is of no value.

No advice

The RIVM and the cabinet did not reconsider the move with the aviation ministry, which said the regulation was introduced only on Wednesday morning. KLM Panic talks about football. “Last week the test duty was tightened so everyone should have a negative test. What does isolation add now?”

Earlier this month, the cabinet conducted an inspection KLM, Schiphol and GGD have already imposed an isolation order from South Africa – while two planes were already on the way. At that time, GGD had to set up a checkpoint at Schiphol, so passengers had to wait several hours together. Health Minister De Jonke supported the move in the House of Representatives.

The Netherlands lifted travel restrictions from the United States last summer, after the EU reopened its borders to US travelers. Instead, the United States closed its borders. Boss Passengers can in early December To fly back to the United States without restrictions.

The SNBN, the association of Dutch interests abroad, is dissatisfied with the move, which makes it difficult for comrades to meet relatives, especially during this period. “We want individuals who are fully vaccinated and motivated and who can provide the latest negative test to be excluded and not isolated.”

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