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Rumor: The Apple HomePod mini will be officially launched in Belgium in 2022

Apple is set to launch its homepot mini in 2022 in several new countries. One of those countries is Belgium. Smart Speaker has already acquired the Dutch language Siri with a software update at the end of 2021, which now appears to be ahead of the official release.

In the message: The HomePod Mini may already be out by October 2020, but this smart speaker offered by Apple is still in its current state. Many enthusiasts have already purchased the device online or through one of the few stores selling it in our country, but the HomePod mini 2022 may be officially launched in Belgium.

  • It is a Swedish website Macradian Posted by HomePad mini earlier this week. Testers learned from various sources that Apple had provided a special beta version of the HomePad Mini in Swedish. This seems to be even before it starts in the country.
  • Thai Blog Website AppleForward It was mentioned a few days ago that the Thai version of Apple’s website has a HomePod Mini connection. Even if that link gives the error for now, this one also seems to predict a start.
  • In addition, Apple added some languages ​​to the HomePod Mini in December 2021 with a software update. These are Dutch, Dutch (Belgium) – also known as Flemish -, French (Belgium), French (Switzerland), German (Switzerland), Italian (Switzerland) and Russian. These countries can also expect the official release of the HomePod mini in 2022.
  • Since the launch of the Apple Homepot Mini in October 2020, the device has been officially available in Australia, Canada, China, Germany, France, Hong Kong, Ireland, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Austria, Spain and Taiwan. , United Kingdom and the United States.
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What does the official release of the Apple HomePod Mini in Belgium mean to users?

  • Since the addition of Dutch Siri to the Apple Homepot Mini, a lot has changed for users in our country. You can now type device commands in Dutch and say it in Dutch.
  • While most researchers are curious about the update, many of them point out that the functionality in Dutch is slightly less smooth than in English. Apple has invested more money and time in English-speaking Syria than in Dutch. This may change with the introduction of the HomePod mini in Belgium and the Netherlands. Apple is known to start things only when it is 100% working.
  • HomePod mini does not currently have speech recognition in Dutch. As a result, different users will not be able to make personal requests – such as sending messages, calling contacts or consulting your calendar. This is currently only possible for those who have set up HomeKit with their iPhone and other residents will not be able to use it. It is hoped that in December 2021 Apple will add speech recognition to languages ​​such as German on the HomePod Mini. So the Dutch will also get this function at the official launch event in Belgium.