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New breach report: Facebook undermined the fight against hate speech and illegal activity on its platform |  iHLN

New breach report: Facebook undermined the fight against hate speech and illegal activity on its platform | iHLN

Once again, a whistleblower accuses the social media company of putting the profits before the problematic content is edited. The Washington Post reported on Friday. Facebook has been embroiled in a scandal since September after a former employee of the company, Frances Haugen, disclosed internal documents.

The new whistleblower is also a former Facebook employee who was a member of the platform’s integrity team. This is responsible for the policy in reviewing content posted by users on the medium. The former employee made a statement to the SEC, which oversees listed companies such as Facebook.

In that report, former employees testified about statements made in 2017, when the company had to make a decision on how it would handle the controversy surrounding Russia’s interference in the 2016 US presidential election. This interference occurred via Facebook. “The flame will hit the pan. MEPs will be a nuisance. In a few weeks they will move on to something else. In the meantime, we are printing money in our basement, and everything is going well for us,” said Tucker Pounds, a communications team member Facebook.


The former Facebook product manager, dubbed a “hero” by a Democratic senator, asserted that Mark Zuckerberg’s company “makes money off our security ceiling.”

The informant signed his statement on October 13. Francis Hogan’s astonishing testimony before the United States Congress dates back to the previous week. The former Facebook product manager, dubbed “Heroine” by the Democratic senator, reiterated that Mark Zuckerberg’s company is “making a profit on our security.”

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Haugen previously leaked internal documents to the Wall Street Journal Which sheds new light on some of the known abuses on social media. These included the psychological problems of teens overexposed to the lives and bodies of “perfect” influencers on Instagram.

Undermining the fight against misinformation

According to the Washington Post, the statement submitted to the Securities and Exchange Commission of this new amount shows that Facebook executives regularly undermine the fight against disinformation, hate speech, illegal activity and other problematic content. They did so out of fear of former President Donald Trump and his political allies, to attract the attention of his users and protect the company’s profits.

Facebook spokeswoman Erin McPeak responded that the article was “below Washington Post standards,” by posting it to a single source.

In recent years, Facebook has regularly come under fire. If it’s not about content moderation, especially at election time, it’s about economic strategy, which critics say undermines fair competition.

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