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New evacuations in Sydney due to rain and flooding |  Now

New evacuations in Sydney due to rain and flooding | Now

Australian authorities want to evacuate thousands more from Sydney suburbs affected by Monday’s floods. They expect the worst flooding in 60 years, as it is likely to rain for the next few days.

Rivers in the South Australian state of New South Wales have been flooded by heavy rains over the past three days. Thus causing great damage. Thousands of people have been evicted before. “We have to brace ourselves, this is going to be a very difficult week,” state Prime Minister Gladys Perezglian told reporters.

A year ago, authorities in the same regions faced drought and devastating wildfires. “I don’t know of any time in the history of the state when we encountered the fastest weather events in the midst of an epidemic,” Perezglian said.

With nearly 111 millimeters of rain, Sydney recorded the wettest day of the year on Sunday. In some areas along the north coast of the state, nearly 900 millimeters of rain fell in the last six days, three times higher than the March average. Authorities say about 18,000 people have been evacuated from the low-lying areas of New South Wales.

Meteorologists expect much of Australia’s east coast to be affected by heavy rains from Monday. Authorities say some parts of Sydney’s western region have experienced the worst flooding since 1961. They expect bad weather to last until Wednesday.

Large areas of New South Wales and neighboring Queensland are at risk of severe flooding.