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New Get ready!  Appears in the record of the company Bazar

New Get ready! Appears in the record of the company Bazar

It’s been 25 years since getting ready! He broke through with his first single “Deep”, and it did not go unnoticed by the group. Old songs have been reworked for the anniversary album, complete with new songs.

This new record will be released by PiaS, the record company, among others, Bazart and Oscar & The Wolf. We were also looking forward to it. We’re a boy band among all those sparrows? chance whore. But it clicks. The record will be something special. We even play Mouton. And for the first time there will be vinyl. Then that record player comes in handy at home, says group member Jimmy Samijn.

A quarter century ago, he was part of Get Ready with Glenn De Gendt, Jean Marie ‘JM’ Desreux and Koen Bruggemans! which then had some replacements, but will now perform again with the original four. like this wednesday, During a special episode of Ten to see.

Although the anniversary was almost without Bruggemans. Consider resigning from a new career as a flight attendant at Brussels Airlines. The virus put his dream in the refrigerator.

“Queen will stay with us, even if he can still work as a servant,” Samijn says. He added, “If he misses a performance we have a replacement ready. We are showbiz brothers, we support each other. What we’ve been through creates a bond. You can’t break it.”

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